A Little About Us

About Maddy and Lisa

We are a mother/daughter team. We sell our Art to bring happiness and a smile to others. We are now offering Wedding and Birthday organizations at our beautiful venue in Maple Valley, WA.

Lisa's Work I have lived a good life. I went to college at Seattle University and got my nursing degree. I have owned and operated a private nursing home for the past 25years. I was able to raise 3 children while running that business and bringing them with me and I am grateful everyday for that. I have grown weary of assisting people with their last days. Depression hung over me like a cloud. Being an avid scrapbooker, I found myself wanting more texture. So, it began my love of mixed media, creating, playing with textures and taking courses. My nursing business has given me a stable lifestyle and I found myself hoarding supplies and trying new things at the turn of each corner. NW Country is a love what I do business for retirement. My enjoyment and hopefully we can grow it into a nice career for my girls. That is my hope. I am a “flight risk” you never know what medium I will flutter off too next!


Madison's Work Madison has always had a love for art ever since she was a little girl. Beginning her career so young is going to give her lots of time to develop her style and find her way among all the artist. She has a background in oil painting and sketching, her work is amazing! She is just at the start of her career in learning mixed media, watercolors and all the other goodness. She has been dedicated to opening this beautiful home of art and is anxious to see what the future brings for her. She assists at the nursing home and helps with the behind the scenes operations. She is kind and compassionate and everyone who meets her enjoys her bubbly spirit. Watch for this young woman because her future is bright and she has something special to share with the world.